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PortAventura is Europe's best family entertainment destination and offers unforgettable experiences for families and children in a unique environment characterized by excitement and fantasy. PortAventura is the only holiday destination that features a theme park; a water park; four themed 4-star hotels with a total of over 2,000 rooms; and a 4,000-capacity convention centre. All this and more, right on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. PortAventura, Spain's first theme park, received more than 3,800,000 visitors and 1 million overnight guests in 2012. Located just one hour from Barcelona, it is one of the main attractions on the Costa Dorada. PortAventura, Europe's third-biggest theme park, opened in 1995 to great anticipation, largely because of its star attraction, the Dragon Khan roller coaster, which broke world records with its 8 inversions and the highest loop ever seen at that time. In the following years, new rides including Stampida, Sea Odyssey, and Templo de Fuego were added. New shows were also introduced, including FiestAventura, voted as the best outdoor show in the world. In 2002, PortAventura became a full resort thanks to the addition of two hotels and a water park. In 2005, Hurakan Condor opened. This 115m-high free-fall ride features an 86m drop and 3G braking experience for passengers as they slow from 115kmph. In 2007 it was followed by Furius Baco, a roller coaster which reaches speeds of 135kmph in just 3.5 seconds, the fastest in Europe. Drawn by its spectacular reputation, one of the first people to try it was 9-time world motorcycling GP champion Valentino Rossi. In 2009, a new hotel opened its doors in the Far West zone, Hotel Gold River. In the same year, the 4,000-capacity PortAventura Convention Centre was launched. In 2011, the theme park added SésamoAventura, an area for young children, to expand the total number of themed zones to six. 'Shambhala: Expedición al Himalaya', a hypercoaster, arrived in May 2012 and broke several records, including those for the highest roller coaster (78m) and fastest hypercoaster (134kmph in its first descent) in Europe. In 2014, PortAventura amazed visitors yet again with a new attraction – ‘Angkor: Adventure in the Lost Kingdom’. PortAventura covers 120 hectares and is packed with shows and rides, spread over six themed zones: Mediterrània, China, Polynesia, México, Far West and SésamoAventura. The recreational range of the park includes 37 rides, 76 eating areas, 28 shops and over 100 shows every day, both in theatres and outdoors (Music Generation, Aloha Tahití, Bang Bang West, Aves del Paraíso and BubbleBou). They delight visitors of all ages and are a strong component in PortAventura's success. Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, one of Spain's best water parks, offers fun for all the family in an exotic environment that recreates the lush vegetation of the tropical islands. In 2013 it expanded to add an extra zone with rides and pools for all ages, including – for the boldest among them –- King Khajuna, Europe's highest free-fall water slide. PortAventura is a resort with 4 themed, 4-star hotels of over 500 rooms each: Gold River, El Paso, Caribe and PortAventura. It also offers a campervan park for motorhomes. If you still haven't had the pleasure, come and get to know us. Fun is absolutely guaranteed!
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