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Monteponi, Italy
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Pedra Rubia was created to propose paths of active tourism in Sardinia, in the South West of the island. Mountain Bike, Trekking and Free Climbing are our specialty, so we provide guidance, information and logistical support. Pedra Rubia is created to support people who want to experience an alternative to the classic seaside holiday or wishing, also only for a few hours, experience a more immersive way to know the area. We are in the heart of Sulcis Iglesias, a magical place because it is still outside of the classic routes bathing, but by the untamed beauty, with its fantastic scenery immersed in the golden light of sunset.That's why we invite those who love the discoveries, who wants to be first, someone who feels a pioneer, to visit the Sulcis Iglesias.

Capo Pecora – The garden of granite by the sea

Capo Pecora – The garden of granite by the sea
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•The granite Capo Pecora (Sheep Cape) Promonotory •The garden of granite of Manago •The Look-out Tower 360° view •Green Coast view •The beach of Scivu

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