Noureddine Boukari
Tunis, Tunisia
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My Name is Noureddine a licensed Tour Guide and I was born and bred in Tunisia My passion in life is history; or understanding why things happened when and where they did and what happened as a result. Whether it's an impressive building I've never seen before or a battlefield I've never previously visited or an event in history I didn't know about, I love finding out more. And I've found that others like hearing about my discoveries. This is the central core of my approach to guiding. I aim to show you sites and explain their history in terms of the events that took place there, why they happened there when they did and the consequences. In my guiding career over 25 years, I have had the pleasure to guide groups from all kind of nationalities and Background to all attractive parts and destinations of my country showing our way of life and culture and let them get involve with them by themselves. I take pride in providing an excellent service to my guests and any visitor of my country. I am here to ensure that you have an enjoyable tour , provide you with all the informations you need , and answer your questions. My objective is to make sure that you enjoy your short visit and to give you a great impression of Tunisia. Looking Forward To Hearing From You Regards
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