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Who are we? For over 16 years, Lido Tours has been Madeira's leading Island Tour Operator. Lido Tours is one of the few government bonded and licensed travel agents selling tours in Madeira, meaning that whilst with us, you are completely protected. With a 100% safety record and an international multi-lingual staff of 30, including professional government approved Drivers and Guides; you are assured of our commitment to service, quality and safety. Our tours We offer comfortable tours over the best scenic routes on the Island, from the blue ocean to mountain peaks, 7 days a week! For more details select a full day or half-day tour from the links on the left. Our buses We operate a minibus or coach service for larger groups. All our buses are maintained to the highest standards, fitted with seat belts, comfortable interiors and always clean and fresh both on the inside and outside. Our prices We offer the lowest prices and the best value Madeira Island tours. How do we do this? We own our Minibuses and we only sell direct to our clients through our own shop or online. Most Hotels and many travel shops that sell tours receive between 30 to 40 % commission when they sell you a tour. Lido Tours minibuses have professional drivers and a qualified tourist guide with a degree in tourism. During your holidays in Madeira you will see many official looking information centres offering very low prices for many tourist services, but beware; they are really offices for selling time-share. Once inside you will discover that these prices are only available if you take a tour of their time-share resort. Our customers We welcome back many of our thousands of clients from over the years. Judging by the customer comments, recommendations and feedback we receive, we are confident that we provide a memorable experience. Clients recommend us to their friends coming to Madeira, excursions with Lido Tours are so easy to book, comfortable, informative and such good value… So, with your total satisfaction our goal we are sure that we have it right.

Madeira tours to the West of the Island

Madeira tours to the West of the Island
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Departing from the heart of the Lido we pass through the first traditional fishing village of Câmara de Lobos with a stop at Pico da Torre viewpoint. Câmara de Lobos is situated five kilometres from Funchal and was the inspiration for the late Sir. Winston Churchill’s paintings of it's lovely surroundings. The village was given its name by the explorers João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira because of the shape of its bay and the many sea

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